Blankout Roll and Write Game

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Blankout Roll and Write Game

1x Blankout game pad (50 sheets, double-sided)
1x Rules
1x tiny pencil
1x Plastic Baggy

Blankout is a roll-and-write game where players compete to fill up a grid with tetromino shapes. Last person to able to fit a tetromino into their grid is the winner!

A d6 always determines which shape a player will use. At the start of the game, a player will use one of the "Starting Shapes." The only rule here is one of the squares must overlap the center of the grid. All subsequent rolls and placements will use "Playing Shapes." The only rule is that a new shape has to touch (not overlap) at least one square with one already in the grid. Shapes may be rotated or flipped to fit a spot.